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The MicroTechMines Group (MTM Gr) has started scouting for merchant bankers to manage its IPO. Chola Holdings has approved listing of General Tech Companies — MicroTech Mines (MTM), Blue Swan ITech (BSIT), Global Institute of Human Development and Education (GIHDE), Institute of High Definition Humans (IHDH), South India Information Technology (SIIT), and Global Society of Artificial Intelligence (GSAI) and The MicroTechMines Group of India (MTM Gr). The Global Entrepreneurs would appoint up to five merchant bankers for managing the IPO. Merchant bankers can contact.


"We assure delivering effective quality services and world-class products promptly on time and at a fair cost with many value added services. Our top class scientists focus on an R & D with the “Now and Future” in mind. Our best of the best workforce are very futuristic minded working and delivering with quality and integrity. Our priority is using technology for development in lives from plants, humans through planets. Our satisfaction lies in watching our direct and indirect customers and beneficiaries enjoy the fruits of our productivity. We love to see you enjoy it.”

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