Covid-19 and the global pandemic lockdowns have changed all our way of life and the landscape of businesses as well. It has changed the work life style and the way of business operations and affected the personal life as well. And that scenario the inevitable work from home culture and the distant learning culture has changed the landscape of the work world and education. The work from home culture has instigated the spread of the small office culture. Very many businesses around the world have moved many of their functions and activities and spread it remotely being able to function from home or from small offices at home or elsewhere. Hence saying the benefit of the small office and the reduction of the overhead costs and the unnecessary expenses involved in the large offices are being rethought about.

This changing culture or shifting culture has given a big boost to the already slacking IT industry. But as the world of technology grows the dependence on technology grows with it. While the entire populations adaptation to technology in the world is growing rapidly the size of technological equipment continues to shrink in size and getting faster by day increasing in capacity and being more functional easy and convenient use a friendly by all. Dependency grows becoming more and more inevitable. Ergo, business success in technologies unique vocabulary certain, and is sure to be prevalent in the society of today and tomorrow. Hence, our new technology startup Ventures with division in mind is about to launch the proven winning formulas of the top performing companies, which have created thus far, a myriad of jobs. Our business model and itself can be described as pioneering and advanced, as it consists of the profitable aspects of today's successes, yet also incorporates the revolutionary changes required for tomorrow's world. Without doubt it is the innovation for the future. With all this being said our group has shown that it processes the merit to issue public shares as a greenfield project. When it comes to social responsibility our venture has excelled in its ambition.

MTM is a non-conventional company with a combination of new and traditional ethics and values of the business culture.