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As you all know in this digital age the dependence on technology drives the development and it the fastest. Technology is getting integrated innovated and getting smaller and smaller day by day. This evolution of technology going to not only the micro but also to the nano level or even to the micro nano level is an inevitable change of direction that will create a revolutionary change in the development of new technologies coming up as well as in the ways.
Therefore, the primary aim of MTM is to develop the fundamental technologies that would revolutionize the industries and the ways and be beneficial for humanity.
The secondary aim would be to provide a myriad of jobs for as many human beings as possible has everyone need to make a living.
These aims need to be fulfilled while keeping pace and staying ahead in the digital revolution lead by AI and unprecedented integration and development of technologies of all corners.



Our objective is to use technology and make life better for human beings and business in all ways thereby achieving our aim.



Technology has so far proved to be beneficial to mankind by effectively functioning below, about and beyond the human range thereby allowing us to understand its function. By this way we wish to utilize the expansion of technologies beyond the range of human beings and below the range of human beings and within the range of human beings but beyond the capacity of human beings to be utilized for the best and welfare not only of humanity but to all god's creations including plants, benefit of the environment the earth and beyond to the planets.



Our mission certainly would be to make the fruition of this to be utilized and enjoyed by all the creations of God and make it reach as much as possible. This man float man and man-made entities animals plants environment the earth and the planets beyond the earth.



MTM's various motivating factors surround the environmental focus that has altered business practice today. These typically have been found to be opportunism or market motives. Some corporations have found an increased competitive advantage and value for shareholders through improved process efficiency, while other businesses have found that product differentiation has help MTM to capture additional market share by attracting environmentally conscious consumers.
MTM being a “green” corporation continues to grow in popularity and importance, concerns have risen over whether some businesses are misleading the public about the true environmental impact of their actions. What has become known as “greenwashing” refers to corporations claiming to be “green” though advertising, marketing, event sponsorship, educational material, or reporting, but merely doing so to give the impression that the MTM company is helping to improve society’s ecological footprint, without effective factual basis to those claims.



MTM's Corporate Cultural Responsibility describes - as a complementary form of cultural promotion within the framework of CSR - the value and norm-based management of economic processes of the voluntary cultural commitment of MTM company / MTM corporate citizen. With our corporate cultural responsibility as part of CSR, strategic concepts and measures are implemented that reveal a responsibility for art and culture that goes beyond the core business.



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