Mrs. Gayathri

Mrs. Gayathri, is the Patron and Primary Director of the MTM company groups. She is responsible for showing the right direction in all facets of the business. Mother Gayathri has a well merited track record, receiving many accolades for the institutions, companies, parties, and programs she has founded and developed. Her recognition by the United Nations as an Ambassador of Peace is one of her many achievements that stands as a testament to the calibre of her work. Mother Gayathri’s well versed experience mean that she is paramount in the board of management of the MTM company groups. She is the Divine Light of this mission.


Dr. Ravi Kumar

Dr. Ravi Kumar, is the Founder & Global Chairman of the Board of Management of the MTM Company Groups. Dr. Kumar has received numerous accolades in various fields. He is responsible for running all facets of the business as the Founder-CEO at the moment. With a track record of over 35 years of experience driving the growth of many companies including but not limited to the technology industry. Dr. Kumar serves on the board of directors for MTM alongside a number of other institutions, where he is responsible for global developments, pioneering ideas/concepts, several inventions and all other activities of said enterprises.


Mr. Ashwinth Kumar

Ashwinth Kumar, works as a Managing Director of the Board to oversee the professional development and activities of the MTM company groups. Mr. Kumar is responsible for running multiple sectors of the business, he has proven to have an impressive track record in executive management with over 10 years of experience. This stems principally from his work in the media industry on a number of a large scale projects to his involvement in various business ventures.


Mr. Gokul Kumar

Gokul Kumar, the youngest of the board works as a Corporate Director to oversee the progression of the company’s platforms and professional development. Gokul strives to lead MTMs efforts in innovation and growth, eager to imbue the company with fresh insights brought about by a new generation of thinking. MTM seeks to test the boundaries of technological development in numerous fields, Gokul aims to catalyze these developments through the introduction of more contemporary dynamics.



United Kingdom

Rathmell St,
West Yorkshire, UK.


United States

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Connecticut, USA.