Moving Partners

MTM corporate partnership is a mutually beneficial relationship between us. This relationship can be an ongoing association, however, is typically focused on an specific event. Below, we break down what this partnership entails, and how it may be beneficial for each party. MTM corporate partnership works together to pursue a common goal. This goal is often based on the values of the two organisations, and tends to involve a form of promotion. When the two companies work together, each party must benefit.


Scientists and Technologists

“I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that don’t work” — Thomas A. Edison
In order to achieve breakthrough innovation, corporations have to launch new products into the market early and often. In order for these products to succeed they have to provide the benefits that customers want. This means that corporate innovators have to develop a deep understanding of their customers’ lives, challenges and aspirations. This knowledge has to be acquired systematically using the scientific method. In other words, corporate innovators have to become corporate scientists.
MTM have core principles that underlying the scientific method. Applying these principles produces validated learning which provides a good basis for product development decisions. The application of these principles is not restricted to physics, biology and chemistry. These principles can be successfully applied in examining human behavior and decision making. They are also a useful tool in hypothesis-driven innovation. And the people in the corporation that are capable of applying these principles can be regarded as corporate scientists.




Tech Soldiers

We are a technology company and recognize that our customers look to us for innovative solutions to manufacturing challenges. To provide those solutions, we must be constantly looking for new approaches, developing new machines and processes, and using our engineering and technical skills to implement them in a timely manner with high confidentiality.
Founded by Legendary Global Visionaries with the historic footprint we always take the long term view. As a company that sells technology and innovation, we believe we must constantly reinvest in the development of new products and new ideas. The opening of our new research and development center provides the ideal environment for technology advancement.



Software developer jobs are becoming more and more popular, and a career in IT in MTM is now a realistic, reliable and respectable option for many people. Great thing about the IT industry is that it is forever changing and expanding. You’ll never master your field because next week someone will invent something new that you’ll have to learn! And maybe that someone will be you! Working as a software developer means that you’ll always be adding to your knowledge base, always learning something new, and you’ll never be bored. Following the instructions correctly, confidently, confidentially and implementing them accurately is the key to successful productivity and efficiency in our business.



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