Front End

MTM front office is primarily responsible for interacting with current or potential clients in one form or another. This area of the organization takes care of sales and marketing tasks, as well as post-sales services. Employees of the front office will typically directly interact and have dealings with customers and have the responsibility of taking and processing orders while ensuring they are satisfied with the services rendered. Since the front office handles customer satisfaction, this area is highly responsible for the growth of revenues within the company. The employees with the right personality and skills, able to enjoy work at the front end are suitably posted in these positions.


Back End

Our back end is the operations part of a business. In other words, it is the part that customers and members of the public rarely see or hear. Back end refers to the ‘behind the scenes’ operations. In network marketing, the term refers to the commission that independent agents receive. Specifically, from the sales revenue of agents who recruited the independent agents. Back end departments or offices provide the services that allow our businesses to function. Examples include administration, accounting, personnel (HR or human resources), document handling, and communications data processing. Those suitable for these kind of employments are required to identify themselves to get posted in these departments.



When you hear the term "field worker," the common depiction is someone who works in the field. As time and technology has changed, so has the definition of the field and of the worker. Today, anyone who works in the field, whether that field is a field or just out of the office - from technicians, repairmen, farmers, laborers, and more - is a field worker. But as the eyes and ears in the field, today's businesses need to treat their field workers as a source of new opportunities. These are the first people who can notice breakage, potential issues, and even future streams of revenue. This ability can only be increased with the proper field service management application. These employers at MTM are core to the collection and delivery of our businesses to the atmosphere satisfaction for both parties ( User and Developer).



MTM as a offshore company refers to an entity that engages in offshoring activities. Many businesses in the United States, Canada, UK, Europe and Gulf looked into the difference between offshore and onshore companies and have started outsourcing their services to offshore companies. Outsource the same services to us makes efficient in term of work. We have highly skilled workers who offer quality services that can meet all the specific requirements of the client. MTM offshore team always remains in face to face touch with the client company both onsite and offsite and acts as a interface with our back-end operations.



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